There is a great need in the lives of most people to establish healthy and productive friendships. This truth cannot be overstated. The types of people we choose to associate with and invest our time into will determine much about our levels of success. There is no success as important as that of knowing our Creator and cultivating a powerfully effective relationship with Christ. Developing a close camaraderie with fellow Christians is what Crosspoint is all about.


Our church family is committed to continually train and equip one another as disciples of Christ, connecting people to the life-changing love of God. A disciple is not only a follower, but a doer. Together, we deepen our understanding of God through systematic study of the Scriptures multiple times throughout the week. We want to be a faithful, growing church, that demonstrates true community and authentic Christian spirituality. Our fundamental purpose is to be and share the Good News of Jesus Christ, witnessing, loving, and serving in the capacity God has gifted each of us.


If what we believe about Jesus of Nazareth is true and is the distinction between life and death for all individuals, then it is quintessential that we make it our priority to tell the world of His saving grace. Along with discipleship, Crosspoint Church is fervently purposed for evangelism – the going out and spreading the “good news” of the saving work of Jesus Christ. And it all starts in the church with the equipping of the saints with mastery tools designed to strengthen individual faith and the confidence to share it with others.

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5517 Denton Highway
Haltom City, TX 76148

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Sunday Morning @ 10:30 am
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Wednesday Evening @ 7 pm


Crosspoint church on Denton Highway, in Fort Worth observes services on Sunday morning from 10:30 – to 12:00. Each 90 minute service includes our three main purposes for which the church exists: worship, teaching, and discipleship.

Worship: We don’t worship only because are told to, or because we fear that we will fall out of favor with God if we don’t. Instead, we worship Him because we realize that He is a deserving God worthy of our praise. Like the early church, we worship as one in accord, surrendering ourselves, focusing on Him, celebrating Who He is and what He has done.

Teaching: There are many teachers who can pass out information, but fewer who passionately live it out and have a genuine care for their students to do the same. Teaching in church is not a profession – it is a calling. We at Crosspoint Church have a knowledgeable senior pastor and multiple other teachers each with an authentic love for the knowledge of God, who are purpose-driven to move from simply imposition of facts to an exploration of the Truth! It is necessary that we be taught the Word regularly, and that in turn we teach the Word to those over whom we have charge (our families, neighbors, co-workers, etc.).

Discipleship: As a church, we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth! But worship is not the 30 minutes we spend in song; it is a mentality – a lifestyle of adoration, thanksgiving, and obedience to God. But we all go through pain and suffering which provokes us to remain home or remain outside of our worship and just go through the motions. Other times, we find ourselves believing more agreeable lies about ourselves or our worldview and misinterpret God and His work. Paul commanded the church to “bear one another’s burdens” in obedience to Christ, and we are fervently dedicated toward the spiritual successes of one another and so run the race together.